Exciting News


I’ve got some exciting news to share.  Back in early March I submitted a brief online application to be a Specialized Women’s Ambassador.  I believed my passion for riding and earnest desire to see other women experience what I experience astride a bike made me a viable candidate for the role of Ambassador.  Despite my belief in myself, however, I never in a million years thought I’d be selected.  There are so many talented, dynamic women riders out there that I thought I basically had a snowball’s chance in he** of being chosen.  A date to be available referenced in the online application came and went and I figured I hadn’t been considered.

Then, much to my delight, I received an email in early May asking if I’d be available midweek for a video conference.  A couple of weeks after the video conference I received another email asking if I’d be available for a second video conference.  It was during this call that I was asked to be a Specialized Women’s Ambassador.  I was floored!  I am humbled and honored to be working with a brand I so greatly admire.  I love what Specialized has done for women riders across the board.  From sparking a passion in women like me, an “every woman” who simply loves to ride, to bringing to market the best “machines” and equipment for riders of all skill levels—casual rider or world class athlete—I think the company has done more for the sport of women’s riding than any other brand out there.  Period.

Hopefully, you’ll follow me (and join me if you’re local) in the coming year as I endeavor to grow a community of passionate women riders—young, old, casual, competitive, wives, moms, single ladies, and everyone in between.  Together, let’s pedal empowered!


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