Oh, ladies!


What do you get when you combine two dozen women, eight or more miles of stellar singletrack (thanks to a solid week of South Florida rain) and a rainy Saturday morning?  A raucous good time, that’s what you get.

This morning, 25 women of all skill levels overtook the trails at Jonathan Dickinson State Park for a monthly, ladies only, no drop, all skills ride.  For these rides, riders are divided into groups based loosely upon skill levels.  The groups stop periodically between segments to regroup, ensuring no rider is left behind and facilitating a true feeling of community and cohesiveness.

I love meeting and making new friends on the trails.  Who better to spend time with than likeminded, fierce, confident women?  It’s a joy to get to know them as individuals and riders.  As a group leader, I love watching women who are unsure of their riding abilities tackle and overcome features they may find sketchy.  I think I just might be more excited than the rider herself, when she pushes herself beyond her level of comfort.  I’m thrilled when I see that beaming smile of accomplishment radiating from a rider’s face.  Shredding, hucking and making new friends makes for a great day.  Thanks, ladies, for yet another fantastic time on the trails!

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