Another Year Older

Another birthday, another reason to celebrate. Life. Love. Family. Friends. Living. And you better believe I made the most of it. I filled the day with all the things I love most. The day included hiking, biking, more hiking, and of course family.

I started the day with a solo hike on Boulder’s Mesa Trail to NCAR trail, then home. I then challenged myself to tackle the NCAR hill via bike. Yes, this 53-year old asthmatic flatlander completed the climb, thank you very much. The day was then rounded out with a family hike at Chautauqua Park, followed by lunch. It was a fantastic day indeed.

I spoil myself in similar fashion on every birthday. Being outside is my absolute favorite thing to do. Moving—hiking, biking, running—makes me feel supremely alive! Basking in nature’s glory is the only party I need. I’m thankful to have a family who allows me to indulge in my heart’s desires. They realize I’m not the only one who benefits from these outdoor forays. I’m better for them—physically and mentally. I am restored and revitalized.

Here’s to another year of life—loving, living and celebrating each and every day. Cheers!


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