Hello, and welcome to Pedal Empowered.

I love cycling in its many forms. My sincere desire and ultimate goal for this blog is for you to be inspired, and ultimately love riding a bike as much as I do.

As a child, riding a bike was my first taste of freedom. As I grew older, spending time on a bike has reclaimed that freedom unlike any other activity in which I’ve participated. Biking is a time just for me, even when I’m riding with others. It’s a time to be my own true self.  Dare I say it’s a magical experience? Relearning how to ride a bicycle as an adult has proven to be far more rewarding than I ever imagined. It would be difficult to overstate the positive impact biking has had on my life, my health, and my overall self-concept and self confidence. Fitness garnered from riding is a given. The increased stamina, endurance, balance and dexterity are invaluable—especially to women as we age. I continue to be amazed by how wonderful cycling feels. And I’d be surely remiss if I didn’t make mention of the people I meet. Biking has brought so many good people into my life.

As you read this blog, what I want you to know, dear reader, is this:  if I can do it, anyone can. I’ve no special athletic prowess or gifts—just plain old grit. I hope this blog will encourage you to ride. I think you’ll be surprised by how easily biking fits into your life.

Unless otherwise noted, I am the sole author of all Pedal Empowered content. And just who am I, you might ask?   Here’s the abridged version: a 50-something wife, mother of two and business owner who loves to ride a bike.

Also worth noting, content on Pedal Empowered is posted in good faith. Please keep in mind that this is a blog – not a reference guide, journalistic publication, or advice column. One thing I would like to know from you, however, dear reader, is how do you think I/we can encourage more women to ride a bike? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Additionally, if you see something you think should be corrected or wish for me to expand upon, please feel free to post a comment or drop me a line at bobbie@pedalempowered.com.  I look forward to connecting with you.

Pedal on.


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